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Detective Agency CASSANDRA, Kiev - private detective, Kyiv

Cassandra Detective Agency Detective Agency at Kiev CASSANDRA - is a friendly and time-tested team of private detectives


We are not engaged in detailing, printouts of phone calls, wiretapping and other illegal activities !!!

which use their big experience of field service to help legal bodies and persons to solve their problematic questions by making right stresses.

Knowledge and skills of our specialists have been polished by years of previous service in law machinery and special services. That is why our private detectives are professionals and can cope with any specific assignments which do not fall under the competence of law authorities.

Life is unpredictable and you never know when it will bring you the next unpleasant surprise. And if something like this happens – do not be in despair. Do not loose your precious time and address to our detective agency. The private detectives and investigators of Cassandra agency are ready to help you find the person you have been looking for, follow your wife or husband and have arguments to prove or falsify the suspicions about breach of faith. During the investigation we can verify the veracity and correctness of the information specified in the questionnaire of a girl on the dating site.  Cassandra's investigators (Kiev, Ukraine) will help you to check the safety factor of your children: to check what they do when you are not around, do they have suspicious people around, miss school or even university.

The detective services provided by our agency cover the widest areas of everyday life. With help of our private detectives you are able to check if the car you plan to buy is listed as stolen and also find your stolen car. You can get a background list of your future possible partner (counteragent) before you sign an important deal with him. Detective agency (Kiev, Ukraine) CASSANDRA can professionally assist the manager to regulate physical, economic and informative security system of his enterprise, to find channels of commercial information leaks, do the polygraph checks on his staff, to find eavesdropping devices (hidden listening devices) inside your offices, homes and vehicles. Business safety is the guarantee of its successful blossoming.

Checking the bride, with whom did you meet over the Internet - is a very popular service of our agency. To answer the questions of our customers our professional private detectives can investigate and discover the  marriage scams .

 Good connections with Interpol, Europol and international detective agencies allow us to successfully solve problems of our clients on a distance. But in case of necessity our private detectives are always ready to go abroad and personally accomplish the tasks put by client.

Since as of today detective activity in  Ukraine is not regulated on a legislative level, we are registered and work from the position of mass media which allows us to provide detective services as journalist’s investigations.

Providing of full spectrum of detective services in Ukraine and outside by the group of highly qualifies private detectives. Our investigator Ukraine provides the best services.

In addition on the service page of the investigation of computer crimes anyone can check whether it is not infected with computer virus programs. Take my word - the majority of cyber crime is committed by a penetration of your PC's help with various trojans and so are called worms.

Investigator in Kiev (Ukraine) from the Detective Agency Cassandra with great scrupulousness and professionalism approach to solving the problems of our clients. We have no trifles. It is our highest priority the preservation and increase the authority of our detective agency. Detective Agency "Cassandra" is recognized  as the leader in providing detective services in the Kiev region, enjoys a well-deserved reputation among Ukrainian and foreign colleagues. Customers who used the services of our detective agency, in most cases, become our regular customers, and subsequently entrust us with their new and more complex problems.


    You are on the site, which presents a detective agency Kiev, "Cassandra". Since you're here, then you are looking for services that are associated with concepts such as private detective Kyiv, or detective agency Kiev. Whatever it was, as you are, then you are looking for a private detective agency, because you will probably need a private detective Kiev, and you come to our website by typing in the search box a "detective agency kiev," or it is possible you typed  "private eye kyiv'". With full responsibility we declare that you have come to the right place. On the resource represented by a detective agency "Cassandra", on pages where you will receive comprehensive information about available types of detective services. Here you can safely order the services you need a private detective, and our experts at the highest professional level will satisfy all your needs. Our detective agency in Kiev can find different ways out of stalemate and thus perform the work under the conditions of complete confidentiality




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